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Twelve Apostles

For many, both locals and visitors alike, the wonders of Table Mountain remain a mystery, and beyond the iconic image that litters postcards welcoming you to Cape Town, the mythical narrative of this mountain, its history and unique biome are just a few of the features that make Table Mountain so special.

Deemed as one of the oldest mountains in the world, a natural phenomenon and as a subject for a range of mythical tales on account of its seemingly flat top, Table Mountain has become synonymous with the city of Cape Town. Additionally, Table Mountain National Park forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and rightfully so, considering that it’s a bastion of the Cape’s unique floral kingdom, fynbos, and was recently awarded a New7Wonders of Nature status.

As the Mother City’s greatest landmark, almost every surrounding area from the City Bowl to trendy Camps Bay where you can see the back-side of Table Mountain and its Twelve Apostles range, has a clear view of it. Hop aboard the Cape Peninsula Tour to drink in the sights of the city and Table Mountain from every conceivable angle. You can also enjoy a Twelve Apostles helicopter flight and lunch combo!

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