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Cape Town tourism received a massive boost last month when the new James Bond novel was released and it was revealed that the setting for much of the novel was the Mother City. Written by American author Jeffrey Deaver, an avid visitor to Cape Town, the story sees our fearless secret agent undertaking many famous Cape Town tourist activities and indulging in many of the city’s better known luxuries,including wines from the local vineyards a stay at the Cape Grace hotel and food from some of the finest restaurants in the Western Cape. Besides enjoying a fantastic Bentley Continental while on the ground he enjoys something far more spectacular, a helicopter tour over Cape Town. This remarkably luxurious way to see the city is considered by many to be themost memorable way to see Cape Town.

The soaring peaks of the Cape Peninsula’s mountain range and the way they plunge into the rugged shores of both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans warrant a helicopter ride. The fact that Cape Town is built around a mountain and hemmed in by the sea fact it almost impossible to enjoy from the ground level, in fact it should be considered criminal to visit the Mother City without taking a helicopter tour. The most recent architectural resident in the city is the Cape Town stadium built for the 2010 football world cup. It is a striking addition to the city skyline and despite how many locals feel it may be a waste of tax payer’s money it has created a world class venue in what has always been a world class city it has created a new attraction in a city already full of them.

A helicopter tour is something of a childhood fantasy for most of us and the thrill of taking as helicopter tour is no less when one becomes and adult, it is a very different sensation to flying in a an aeroplane which is something most of us have experienced. For those that are still young at heart half the thrill of a helicopter tour is the flight itself. The vertical take-off is a completely new sensation for your body and the feeling of hanging in the air can be quite a rush.

Cape Town’s impressive geography is famous the world over and the views and images it creates are stunning from ground level, however from the air they take on a majesty that is unparalleled by any other place on earth. If time and budget allows, a trip right to the end of the Cape Peninsula will provide imagery and memories that you will keep with you forever. However if you are only able to take a shorter Cape Town helicopter tour, the experience is no less memorable. The sweeping 12 Apostles that plunge into the Ocean above Camps Bay and the proud Lions Head watching over the city are two natural landmarks that can truly be appreciated form the air.

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