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Tips for Your Helicopter Tour


During a visit to South Africa you will surely be left in awe at the amazingly beautiful views which will unfold in front of your eyes around every turn. The country is known for being one of the most diverse and gorgeous locations in the world and tourists flock here every year. Must-see attractions and activities are everywhere and offer unforgettable experiences. A special way of experiencing South Africa’s mesmerising views is by partaking in a scenic helicopter tour; this activity has become popular in recent years.

For some people this activity can be quite nerve-wracking, but rest assured with the right aviation company you will have a safe and enjoyable trip. But as with everything in life, it’s never a bad idea to learn some extra tips for a new adventure. Some of these trips for taking a helicopter trip might sound simple to you, but you’d be amazed at how quickly people forget these things when they get excited – and a tad nervous.

Bring a camera and binoculars, but no other loose objects

On scenic tours you most certainly would like to record your trip and therefore cameras and perhaps a video camera should definitely not be left at home. The same goes for binoculars; when flying over the unique Boulders Beach, close to Simon’s Town, it would be great to be able to see some of the African penguins wandering about. Anything else, on the other hand, should be left safely in your car or at home.

Take a warm jersey along

Scenic helicopter rides are best taken during days when the sky is clear in Cape Town and its surrounds; these days can very easily occur during summer or winter as Cape Town is known for its beautiful winter days and perfect summer days. Yet, whether it is summer, winter, spring or autumn, you never know when you might feel a chill and need your comfy jersey.

Listen to your pilot

Whether he or she is talking about the much important safety regulations, the most interesting facts about Table Mountain or simply the weather, you must always listen to your pilot. They do this for a living and as professionals they truly know what’s best for your safety and their own. Cape Town offers some of the best pilots in the world and they are sure to make your scenic flight absolutely unforgettable.


This experience can make you a little nervous at first, but the very best attitude to have is to relax, smile and enjoy the trip. Think about it this way: this trip has been made thousands of times and everyone else had a great time and returned safely to the ground.

Remember to use the restroom

This is one many people forget about and the pilot is sure to remind you of this before the flight commences. Remember there are no restrooms in the sky and the last thing you want is your trip is ruined, because you can under no circumstances even glance at the beautiful Cape Town waters.

These extra tips are sure to leave you even more excited and extremely confident for your adventure ahead; it always helps to undertake any South African activity with a clear mind and an excellent game plan. Scenic helicopter tours are an activity for everyone; whether you are a tourist to this beautiful country or a local.

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