The Fleet

Nac's helicopter fleet
We are required by the South African Civil Aviation Authority to complete a Mass & Balance for each and every flight as each helicopter can only carry a certain amount of weight of which needs to be distributed evenly around the helicopter. On arrival at NAC Helicopters, each passenger will be weighed. The reading of the scale is hidden and kept confidential unless asked for by the client.

Robinson 44View Details

Engine:Single Lycoming I0-540, Fuel Injected Piston
Crew & Passengers:1 Pilot + 3 Passengers
Maximum Speed:130 Knots (Vne)
Cruise Speed:± 100 Knots
Range:300 NM / 560KM

Bell 206 Jet RangerView Details

Engine:Rolls-Royce 250-C20J
Crew & Passengers:1 Pilot + 4 Passengers
Maximum Speed:130 Knots (Vne)
Cruise Speed:± 100 Knots
Range:374 NM / 693KM

Bell 407View Details

Engine:Rolls Royce 250-C47B Turbine Engine
Crew & Passengers:1 Pilot & 6 passengers
Maximum Speed:140 knots (Vne)
Cruise Speed:130 knots
Range:300NM/ 555 KM

Bell 206 LongrangerView Details

Engine:Rolls-Royce 250-C30P
Crew & Passengers:1 Pilot + 6 Passengers
Maximum Speed:130 Knots (Vne)
Cruise Speed:± 115 Knots
Range:310 NM / 574KM
12-15 Minutes Hopper Tour
16-20 Minutes Atlantico Tour
16-20 Minutes The Robben Island Tour
24-30 Minutes Three Bays Tour
45-60 Minutes Cape Point Tour