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Simon’s Town

The delightfully charming village of Simons Town is located on the False Bay coast and situated roughly 40km outside of the city centre. Flanked by the Cape Point Nature Reserve and pristine beaches, Simons Town boasts the eclectic charm of old-world class fused with contemporary touches that cater to varied preferences.

Take the Cape Point Tour and fly overhead this historic area that’s steeped in nautical history. The town is home to the South African navy and at Jubilee Square there is a life-size bronze statue of a Great Dane, called “Just Nuisance”, who was awarded the title of Able Seaman for his service in the Royal Army. The main road of the town is littered with an assortment of coffee shops and restaurants, with cobbled streets shooting off into the suburban sections. A road to look out for is St Georges Street, the historical mile of the town, with 21 buildings older than 150 years’ lining the street.

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