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Sea Point

Another of Cape Town’s vibrant and desirable suburbs, Sea Point lies just outside of the City Centre and is a stone’s throw away from Green Point, Mouille Point and Bantry Bay. This area has a prominent main road that is consistently occupied by busy people looking to enjoy a meal at one of the many cafés or dance the night away at a popular nightclub.

Whether you’re enjoying the Hopper flight or Atlantic Tour, when soaring overhead Sea Point it’s best to embrace the faint scent of sea air that complements your aerial viewing of the suburb. The Sea Point Promenade is by far the most popular attraction of this windy little suburb and it is constantly humming with activity. Your bird’s eye view will reveal the winding walkway running from the Green Point Lighthouse to the opposite end of Sea Point, and will most likely be peppered with people going about their business. Additionally, look out for the Olympic-sized Sea Point Pavilion Swimming Pool, a prominent landmark of the area that’s been in use since the 1950’s.

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