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You’ve explored the city by foot; you’ve travelled through it by car and cycled along its winding streets by bike, you’ve experienced the numerous transport options in Cape Town. What’s next you might well ask? The obvious answer is to hop in a helicopter and witness the bustling metropolis from the sky. A bird’s eye view of the Mother City is not a sight that you are likely to forget – the sprawling urban expanse is remarkably beautiful, with natural elements that enhance its aesthetics, including the majestic mountain and numerous nature reserves.

If you want to surprise your loved one with an adventure that will earn you copious brownie points, then why not tailor your very own scenic helicopter flights around Cape Town and beyond? You could even charter a helicopter flight as a way to get to a romantic getaway location such as a gorgeous safari lodge, tucked away in the fragrant African bush and secreting a wealth of animals and birds.

What could be better than enjoying unparalleled vistas from the sky as you float above undulating hills, carpeted in diverse vegetation, with herds of wildebeest adorning the golden plains and behemoth elephants wading through vast waterholes? Gaze out over a typified African landscape, revelling in the iconic umbrella trees with giraffe families towering over their expansive branches, and meandering rivers, with lazy lions just visible by their banks as they lie panting in the shade, avoiding the sun’s harsh rays.

Alternatively, why not devise helicopter tours that include an element of adrenaline-pumping adventure? Land nearby the ocean and arrange an unforgettable shark cage diving experience with a reputable company. Watch as the apex predators launch themselves out of the sea with unrivalled ferocity. This breaching hunting technique is renowned and involves the Great Whites torpedoing their gargantuan frames out of the water in pursuit of unsuspecting seals and other prey.

Climb in to the cage and dip your head beneath the water to watch as the mystical fish approach, launching themselves forward with powerful flicks of their tales. Suddenly emerging from the murky depths, the fearsome rulers of the sea will swim right up to the cage, allowing you a first-hand, up-close glimpse of their rows of razor sharp teeth.  You will undoubtedly experience a feeling of tremendous awe as you witness the Great Whites in such close proximity. This is the ideal way to gain a healthy respect and admiration for the sharks, overcoming any misplaced Jaws complexes and harmful stereotypes you may have harboured for the animals.

Next time you’re celebrating a special occasion and are at a loss regarding how to treat your loved one, consider hiring a chopper and tailor-making your own helicopter tour. Whether you’re gliding over the city itself, observing Cape Town’s plethora of attractions from an entirely new perspective, visiting a luxurious safari lodge or coming face to face with a Great White, helicopter tours are the ideal way to show someone just how much they mean to you.

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