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The hosts of your NAC Helicopters experience
Our pilots are expertly-trained, highly skilled and incredibly passionate about flying. With our 100% safety record, you can rest assured that your safety always comes first

With over 4 500 hours of flying time and a lifelong passion for flying, Anthony is the chief pilot of the NAC Helicopters Cape Town branch.

Having started flying while still at school, Anthony trained for his Commercial fixed-wing license (with an instrument, multi-engine rating) at 43 Air School in Port Alfred. Soon after, however, he realised helicopters were his true calling. After completing an NAC Helicopters training course, he converted his fixed-wing license and was recruited into our skilled flying team.


For Guy, the freedom of hovering and landing almost anywhere was the main attraction to helicopters – in addition to enjoying “the best office view in the world”, he says.

Having received his Private Pilots License at Virginia Airport in Durban, Guy moved to Cape Town, where he went on to attain both his fixed-wing and Commercial Helicopter licenses. Guy has accumulated over 2 600 flying hours thus far and has been part of the NAC Helicopters Cape Town family since 2012.


For those passionate about travel, few industries are as suited as that of Aviation. Having completed his training at Starlite Aviation in Durban, Jandré emigrated to Afghanistan to work as a helicopter maintenance planner for Evergreen Helicopters.

After a few years in the desert, Jandré returned to South Africa and worked as a helicopter flight instructor in Limpopo. However, Cape Town’s many activities and attractions were too much to resist and Jandré joined NAC Helicopters in October 2016.


If you had asked Juan-Pierre many years ago what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would say “a pilot”. Like many pilots, though, after going on his first helicopter trip he found himself hooked on the versatility and maneuverability of helicopter travel.

After receiving his Commercial Helicopter pilot license in 2011, Juan-Pierre finished an instructor’s rating shortly after. Since then, he has worked all over South Africa, and has completed many vehicle recovery operations around Cape Town through NAC’s Netstar contract.


With a lust for life and a passion for travel, Dain found himself completing his Commercial Helicopter license in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. With its harsh weather conditions and challenging altitudes, the Rockies moulded Dain into the excellent helicopter pilot that he is today.

Having wanted to become a pilot since the tender age of six, Dain is convinced he’s living the dream – and Cape Town’s stunning aerial scenery is just one of the perks of flying with NAC.


Federico graduated from the University of Pretoria with a B-Comm degree, but couldn’t help feeling that it wasn’t the right path for him. As his father was a salesman for an Italian helicopter brand, Federico had been surrounded by helicopters nearly his whole life and becoming a pilot was a natural next-step.

He completed his commercial helicopter license soon after and then worked as a game capture pilot in Pretoria before joining the NAC Helicopters Cape Town team.


Julian tells the classic story of always wanting to be an airline pilot – right up until he flew in a helicopter for the first time, upon which he suddenly switched to dreaming of being a helicopter pilot instead.

Having climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, competed in martial arts and travelling all over the world, Julian considers himself a true adventurer and thrill-seeker – and yet he is still excited by the prospect of flying within the NAC helicopter fleet every day.


At the age of three, Ingrid showed her mother a photo in National Geographic of a Mirage plane and pilot and told her, “I want to fly…and on my own”. It took another 20 years for this dream to come true, not in a fighter plane but a helicopter.

Ingrid loves the freedom and flexibility that that comes with flying a helicopter and that it can be used as a tool to travel, help people and experience the world in a unique way.

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We loved everything about the Hopper helicopter ride with NAC. From the pick up to the ride itself, it was absolutely amazing and one of our biggest highlights during our Cape Town trip.
Important Flight Information
Please arrive 30 minutes before your flight. NAC offers a complimentary vehicle transfer service within the CBD, Green Point, Sea Point and Waterfront area.
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