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I was once lucky enough to take a helicopter flight as part of a tour of Cape Town and it was an experience that changed my view of a city that has been my home for the majority of my life. There was a brief four year period where I foolishly believed that I could live in a much bigger, colder foreign city which shall not be named I like many of Cape Town residents that make a similar pilgrimage was mistaken. It took one of NAC Helicopters’ incredible helicopter flights to open my eyes to how lucky we are to live in the Mother City.

It was shortly after my return while I was still in two minds about whether or not I should’ve come back, loving the sunshine and the beach but hating not having a job and reliable public transport. Some friend I had made while in the UK had decided to visit me within 4 months of my return. They had asked me recommend several tours of Cape Town which as I had not been back for very long did with little enthusiasm and even less knowledge, a helicopter flight did not even cross my mind, as far as tours of Cape Town were concerned I was not even aware that this was possible. I suggested the usual clichés like the open top bus and left it at that, I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined that they were planning a helicopter charter flight. I grew up in Cape Town but after having been away for nearly five years I was, embarrassingly, not aware so many helicopter charter operators had opened up and were offering tours of the peninsula.

It was with some surprise that I was driven passed the main entrance and parking of the V&A Waterfront, luckily my head was to fuzzy to realise. When they finally turned around and tossed a brochure at me which explained what they had in store for me. A helicopter tour of the peninsula, upon realising this it was obvious that this was indeed the perfect way for a tourist to experience the entire beauty that is the Cape peninsula, from the small yet magnificent CBD to the ragged mountain ranges plunging into the ocean.

The experience left me with a renewed sense of awe for the city I had chosen to move back to, and left me more grateful than ever for the decision I had made. There comes a time in every Capetonians life when they start taking the Mother City for granted and unfortunately when the majority of your life has been spent viewing the city from the usual perspective, the ground, that time comes sooner rather than later. What a helicopter tour of Cape Town provides is a renewed sense of appreciation for my home town. The helicopter flight with NAC Helicopters took us on a tour of Cape Town the likes of which you can only imagine.

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