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The private and secluded area of Llandudno is reputed as one of Cape Town’s most scenic suburbs and residents of this upmarket area widely regard the region as a quiet coastal town of sorts. Named after a Welsh town with the same name, Llandudno is known for its peaceful ethos and beautiful beaches. Located just outside of Hout Bay and framed by the majestic Twelve Apostles mountain range, Llandudno is a pocket of paradise in Cape Town.

The Atlantico Tour is the only scenic flight that covers the Llandudno area as the helicopter route follows the coastline. The rugged beauty of Llandudno has remained untouched by commercialism; its famous beach is unspoiled – its powder-white sands and clear blue waters are edged with countryside fynbos that stretches off in both directions. Flying overhead, the area is immediately recognisable by the crescent-shaped beach, the verdant slopes of the mountain and the patch of real estate that looks quite secluded.

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