Important Flight Information

Terms & Conditions

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Things you need to know

Please note that all the information listed below is part of our standard operating procedures. However, weather conditions may force us to change flight altitudes or routing.

Please arrive 30 minutes before your departure time to complete tickets and receive a safety briefing. If you arrive late for your booking we will do our best to accommodate you immediately but reserve the right to postpone your flight until the next available time slot.

As stated by Civil Aviation Regulations all mobile/cellular phones need to be switched off during the flight and cannot be used in flight mode as the device still transmits a signal that interferes with the helicopters radios. You are welcome to take pictures or film during the flight.

The temperature as a standard drops by 1.98 degrees celcius for every 1000 ft that we climb. We suggest a jacket if you are flying in the winter months (June – August)

Standard Cruise Altitude for our peninsula tours is 2 500ft or 762 meters (weather depending).

We are no longer allowed to fly over the top of Table Mountain as it is has been designated as part of a national park and is a protected area.

Security Requirements

Clients are required by Civil Aviation Regulations to complete a ticket before they fly; and to pay attention to the safety briefing given by NAC Helicopters staff before take-off.

NAC Helicopters does not carry any dangerous goods of any class. If you are not sure please refer to your completed ticket or the chart located at the front desk.

If possible, please inform NAC Helicopters Cape Town of your combined passenger weights beforehand. All passengers will be weighed prior to departure, however supplying us with your weights beforehand will enable us to advise you if there is a problem with the weight of the aircraft you have booked. Should the helicopter be over its weight limitation, we reserve the right to upgrade to a bigger helicopter at the passenger’s expense, or one passenger can choose not to fly.

If at anytime a passenger becomes a danger to him/herself or other passengers, is under the influence of alcohol or displays unruly behaviour that person shall not be allowed to board the aircraft and will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

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