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Helicopter Charter Travel: Cape Town from the air


Capetonians love their mountain and love to tell you the only way to see Cape Town is from the top of Table Mountain. This opinion is skewed by one rather significant fact; most locals have not had the pleasure and privilege of seeing their own city from a helicopter. Helicopter charter travel is ordinarily reserved for the rich, famous and corrupt. Helicopter rides and tours over Cape Town however are fast becoming a very popular sightseeing option for tourists. Some, but not nearly enough, locals have discovered the enjoyment of seeing their city from this unique perspective.

The CBD is hemmed in by the ocean and the mountain which gives it a unique town planning layout as space was at a premium before the massive land reclamation of the foreshore. So although the skyline is nothing compared to the major cities of Europe and America Cape Town has its fair share of sky scrapers that were built out of necessity. With Table Mountain as a backdrop it provides one of the most beautiful skylines in the world and it can be truly appreciated from the sky. From high up the bustling CBD can be seen in contrast to the majesty of the mountain and the beauty of the ocean that surround and limit this amazing town.

A chartered helicopter flight in Cape Town can be the highlight of any overseas visitors stay in South Africa. Of course the city is only one part of the Cape Peninsula and the views only get better as you get further away from the CBD. The spine of mountains that run down the length of the peninsula with the wild Atlantic and Indian Ocean on either side create an aesthetic bombardment that could move men to tears.

For tourist purposes most helicopter flights and tours in Cape Town start from the helipad at the V&A Waterfront and will take in the city and the provide a magnificent perspective on the new Cape Town stadium built for the 2010 football word cup. The best route from there would be to fly down the Atlantic seaboard, where the Twelve Apostles plunge in to the ocean and tower over the trendy beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton. Further down the peninsula and the helicopter flight will take you over the small town of Hout Bay and the world famous Champman’s Peak Drive. The views from a car on Chapmans Peak drive are spectacular but nothing compared to those out of the window of your chartered helicopter. From Hout Bay there are two options, the helicopter tour can either cut over the mountain to get a glimpse at the Indian Ocean side of the peninsula and fly over the Southern Suburbs and the University of Cape Town. The route that would truly make the most out your helicopter tour would be to follow the Atlantic Seaboard right down to the tip of the Cape Peninsula. Here you will be able to gaze up the African continent while hovering above the point where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.

Get in touch with NAC helicopters for more information on our chopper hire service. Helicopter flights and tours in Cape Town provide you with memories and photo opportunities that will make your holiday memorable.

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