Robben Island

Uncover South Africa’s history
Experience a helicopter flight and historic tour of Robben Island with Christo Brand: prison warden and friend to former South African president Nelson Mandela

Uncover South Africa’s tumultuous political history, and bear witness to the powerful bond that can form between prisoner and prison warden, as you experience one of NAC Helicopters’ Robben Island tours.

On either tour you will have the opportunity to meet Christo Brand, prison warden and friend to ex-political prisoner and South African former president, Nelson Mandela: with intimate stories of Mandela’s life in prison.

In addition to the flight to the island, you will tour the prison with Christo Brand, and receive a copy of his book. View our Robben Island helicopter tours for more details on each tour’s itinerary.

Route is weather dependant at the pilot's discretion
Freedom Flight

A personal tour of Robben Island, hosted by Nelson Mandela’s prison warden Christo Brand. Discover the painful history of South Africa’s freedom fighter as you admire the natural beauty of the Cape Peninsula from the air. Read more here

Fly with Christo Brand

During this intimate flight around Robben Island, you will get to know Christo Brand, warden to South African former president Nelson Mandela, and hear intimate stories of their time together while on Robben Island, now a political museum.

Robben Island Charter

NAC Helicopters Cape Town offers you the opportunity to experience Robben Island and its rich history through two tailor made helicopter tours. However, you also have the opportunity to opt for a charter to Robben Island where you will take off from the V&A Waterfront, touch down on the island and explore the museum and the island at your own pace – before returning to the V&A Waterfront.

Star Star Star Star Star
Excellent professional staff with very high quality equipment. Some super pre-arranged tours & also bespoke itineraries. We’ve had a number of flights already this trip and have booked more. Our pilot Guy had added hugely to the enjoyment
Important Flight Information
Please arrive 30 minutes before your flight. NAC offers a complimentary vehicle transfer service within the CBD, Green Point, Sea Point and Waterfront area.
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