The Elephant In The Room: NAC Helicopters joins fight to protect Mali’s elephants

We are proud to announce our involvement with the Forever Wild Elephant Conservation Initiative. A programme started by The Wilderness Foundation in 2011, Forever Wild was a response to the rhino poaching crisis. It is now being expanded to include elephants, as well as other iconic species, in the hope that they will draw attention to conservation as a whole, while empowering local communities.

Mali Elephant Project

The Mali Elephant Project (MEP) is part of the Forever Wild Initiative and has a focus on protecting the elephants of Central Mali. The aim is to empower local communities to protect the 500-strong herd as they migrate through vast tracts of harsh and sometimes hostile land. The MEP was successful in protecting the elephants through the 2012-13 Tuareg rebellion and Jihadist invasion.

How does it work?

The MEP understands that both the elephants and the people of Central Mali need a healthy and resilient environment in order to survive. As a result, they take a whole system approach, working with the stakeholders to produce practical outcomes for anti-poaching, local employment and community security. MEP also aims to reduce human disease and legally enable the local people to take control of their own natural resources.

For every walk-in client, we pledge to donate R90 to the cause. Together with NAC Helicopters Cape Town, the sky is the limit on what can be achieved.

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