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Diversity is the key to Cape Town Tourism

The strengthening rand and astronomical rise in aviation fuel price has made Cape town a less attractive holiday destination to overseas travellers. As holiday makers are opting instead for short haul destinations that offer better value for money there is the risk of seeing a sharp decrease in the number of international visitors. Cape Town is as unique as holiday destinations get, it seems however that we are going to have to prove this unique diversity if we are to attract more foreign visitors. It is not enough that Cape Town is just a beach and mountain destination. The Mother City needs to diversify and show itself as a destination with as many different activities as it has varieties of fynbos.

Offering unique activities to visitors is one aspect of this however it is also popular to offer activities that are not necessarily completely unique to Cape Town but perhaps offer the opportunity to do something that might be unaffordable in other destinations, such as helicopter tours of Cape Town. The aerial view of any city via a helicopter tour is something that is offered at most popular tourist destinations. However they are often prohibitively expensive despite the strengthening Rand South Africa still offers cheap alternatives for those with foreign currency. Not only does a helicopter tour of Cape Town offer an awesome and unique way to see the stunning Mother City it also provides an adventure that you may not ordinarily be able to afford. This type of attraction is what Cape Town should be pushing, activities that while not uniquely South African are something that a tourist might never have the opportunity to do again.

Helicopter tours are an important part of seeing Cape Town in a way that no other tour can show you. The unique geography around which the Mother City is built makes it difficult to appreciate the true majesty of the mountains and coastline which dominate the peninsula. Add to this the thrill of taking a helicopter ride and you have the perfect formula for a tourist attraction that makes Cape Town a very much more attractive holiday destination. There are thousands of cities around the world that offer beaches, mountains and world class restaurants as ways of attracting foreign visitors. Those responsible for marketing the tourism potential of Cape Town need to find the niche areas that can be promoted. Adventure is a superb opportunity as the activities available are cheap when compared with similar things in developed countries.

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