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Camps Bay

Just beyond Clifton Fourth beach lies Camps Bay, the fashionable suburb nestled amongst the backdrop of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and the majestic Twelve Apostles. This trendy area is widely regarded as Cape Town’s answer to St Tropez – the white sandy beach is often packed with beautiful people looking to enjoy a touch of glamour for day or night activities.

Hop onto our scenic Cape Peninsula tour to see this majestic area from the sky! In fact, aboard any of four tours (The Hopper, Atlantico, Three Bays and Cape Point Tour) you can expect a bird’s eye view of the Camps Bay area. Admire some of the most sought-after real estate in the world and spot the distinctive palm-tree lined boulevard that overflows with luxurious cafés and bars. The manicured lawn that overlooks Clifton Fourth beach is often used as landing zone for paragliders and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see a few adrenaline junkies soaring through the sky.

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