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Bring on Summer

As the evenings start getting longer and the early morning lose that frosty bite it becomes apparent that spring will soon be gracing Cape Town, which means summer and the throngs of tourists can’t be far behind. The Cape Town summer is unique and beautiful and is widely agreed as the best city in South Africa at which to spend your summer holidays. With an abundance of beaches, no end to the trendy shopping centres and of course the iconic Table Mountain it has something for even the most discerning tourist. The V&A Waterfront offers the most tourist focused activities concentrated in any one place in Cape Town. From the biggest names in fashion to the biggest creatures of the ocean there is no doubt you will find something to entertain you at the V&A Waterfront. Famous for the 2 Oceans Aquarium, the world class restaurants and the ever likely harbour boat tours.

There is however something else that is not normally readily associated with a major tourist attraction built around a working harbour, helicopter tours. They have become prolific and popular with tourists from all over the world, with good reason. A helicopter tour offers a unique and stunning view of the Mother City a place shaped by nature and devoted to beauty. The soaring vistas of the Cape Mountain range combined with the powerful ocean which hems it all in creates a scene which is best seen from a bird’s eye view.

There is something terribly romantic about seeing any city from up high, a point of view many can only imagine and one which holds us captivated from the time we are very small. Helicopter tours offer a serene perspective on a city which is in fact bustling and often noisy. It also provides the majesty which is fitting for a city like Cape Town, and its’ natural wonder. When the land meets the ocean in the manner in which it does off the Cape Peninsula it is almost impossible not to want to witness from the sky.

The helicopter tour operators in the V&A Waterfront are taking advantage of this desire to see Cape Town in a new way, the V&A being a working harbour has the facilities to allow for several helicopters to be taking off and landing as well as the space for storage. It also has the captive audience of one of the busiest tourist centres in the Cape Peninsula.This makes it an obvious area to have a tourist attraction such as this. It is an activity which is priced at the tourist market, although it is not completely inaccessible and is well worth the money spent,whether you’re local or a tourist.

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