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A Women’s Day Celebration like No Other

Last month, we ran a Women’s Day competition in the hopes of making the day a bit more special for two lucky ladies. Bowled over by the responses, we spent countless hours poring over one hundred stories and marvelling at the amount of love that was being shared. Every mother/sister/colleague/friend we read about brought smiles to our faces (and even a few tears to our eyes) and the more we read, the more we realised how hard it would be to choose a winner.

Once we had narrowed down the finalists, we spent a long and hard time choosing who would take home the prize – a helicopter flight to the 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa, complete with high tea on arrival. In the end, the story shared by Tania van Zyl won her the trip:

My housekeeper, Zuziwe Maci, deserves this special treat. She is a single Mom who works very hard to support her four daughters. Her only son was murdered two years ago. Despite her circumstances, she is such a positive, friendly and God loving woman. Her dream is to stand on top of Table Mountain. As it is her birthday on the 8th Aug and my birthday on the 11th Aug, this would be a special way to celebrate Women’s Day, our birthdays and our friendship. And she will have an amazing view of Table Mountain.

Women's day celebration

Two Women in front of Helicopter

Filled with excitement, Tania and Zuziwe boarded our Robinson 44 and took off on a scenic flight along the coast before touching down at The 12 Apostles to indulge in some tasty treats.

Aerial View of Waterfront from helicopter

Aerial view of Cape Town's Atlantic Seaboard

Two Women inside NAC helicopter

Congratulations once again Tania and Zuziwe, it was great meeting you and having you fly with us. A big thank you to all of you who shared your stories, make sure that you keep your eyes on our Facebook page for more competitions in the future.

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