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Even on a cold winter’s day, Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are very few cities that can lay claim to this, but surely the New York Times, The Guardian and Lonely Planet were on to something when labelling the Mother City as a leading tourism destination? The Cape Wheel, located at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, is one of the best ways to see the Mother City in all of her beauty. The colder months still afford visitors the opportunity to witness this beautiful city of ours from above in all her glory.

Those who aren’t particularly fond of heights have nothing to fear. While the towering structure of the Cape Wheel may seem daunting at first, the majestic Table Mountain stands proudly in the distance. It’s too good of an opportunity to pass up.

The Cape Wheel

Once in the sleek cabin, the wind sways it gently from side to side. The views from the top are breath-taking and whilst it may sound like a cliché, looking out over the glistening harbour and across the vast expanse of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean is an experience that one rarely tires of.

View of Harbour from the Cape Wheel

The cabins themselves are comfortable, with more than enough room for a family, and whilst they may rock in the breeze from time to time, they are more than sturdy and make for a safe ride. The friendly staff at the Cape Wheel welcome guests with a smile and before the journey begins, a helpful guide talks you through all the details, such as the fact that the cabin will go around four times and that the ride will take about 12-15 minutes.

View of Table Mountain from the Cape Wheel

There really is no place like Cape Town. No matter where you look, the natural beauty that surrounds the city is sure to engulf you and leave you in awe. If you’re interested in seeing more of the Mother City from a bird’s eye view and you have a bit of time to spare after your ride on the Cape Wheel, why not consider booking a helicopter tour? It’s a fantastic way to see more of the city at a glance and truly appreciate everything that Cape Town has to offer.

The Cape Wheel carriage

Cape Wheel View

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