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Aviation in Cape Town Tourism


Cape Town tourism has for a long time relied on traditional means ad natural elements to attract and entertain visitors, over the last decade however this has started to change. As the city repositions itself as a world class destination it is starting to attract tourists with bigger budgets and thus the entertainment and activities are changing to suit those with more expensive taste. There are more 5 star hotels in the Mother City than have ever been in the city’s past. The amount of money being spent on tourism in Cape Town has increased dramatically over the last few years. This fact is highlighted the by the news that Bernie Eccelstone wants to bring a formula one race to Cape Town in the next few years.

Some of the new high budget tourist attractions centre on extreme adventure sports and activities, such as bungee jumping, sky-diving and shark cage diving, and helicopter tours of Cape Town. These are activities that are not entirely unique to Cape Town or even South Africa, however the beautiful setting with which our city is blessed make some of these activities slightly more enjoyable here than they are elsewhere.

The weaker rand compared to the Euro, Dollar and Pound – the currencies that make up the majority of tourism income- mean that extreme activities that are often prohibitively expensive in a visitor’s native country are affordable in Cape Town. Such as a helicopter tour, or shark cage diving.

Cape Town’s warm climate and beautiful outdoor space lends itself to the type of outdoor and extreme activities which are fast becoming popular with Cape Town visitors.  Helicopter tours of Cape Town are spectacular during the summer months when the sky is cloudless and the wind decides to take a day off, which is rare in Cape Town, this experience is really something that should not be missed.

Helicopter tours of Cape Town are the ultimate luxury and are not something that one would normally undertake unless one were on holiday and in a country where your currency could go a bit further. Therefore Cape Town has become the perfect place for people to enjoy such luxury.

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